Make-up junkies this is for you guys!

If you have been keeping up with the beauty scene in Malaysia – local products, you might know about the brand I am about to mention in this post.

You read it right! It is about Velvet Vanity – @shopvelvetvanity .

For those of you who do not know about Velvet Vanity yet, they are Malaysian based cosmetics line that inspired by the youth cultures element. Their products are locally made, and I find it very awesome! Also, it is 100% vegan, cruelty free and approved by KKM. So Velvet Vanity products are totally safe for all of us, no doubt.

That is some fun facts about Velvet Vanity.

So they have launched their 4 new shades into their liquid matte lipstick range. Its called ‘The Golden Hour’. I was invited to their media preview yesterday (29/8) by a good friend of mine.

I am putting up this post because I am in love with this collection a lot.

Here is the swatches of their ‘The Golden Hour’ collection!

Yes it might look alike with one another, but its not. I am a little bit confused at first when I swatch them. But when you put on your lips, it shows the differences!

The pinky range are ‘Got Lucky’ and ‘Dusk’. Meanwhile, warmth and earthy tones are ‘Insta Worthy’ and “Baewatch.

‘Got Lucky’ is more to soft-rosy-pink kind of nude and ‘Dusk’ is like a warmer rosy-pink. Then, ‘Insta Worthy’ looks like a coral-peach-pink and my favorite ‘Baewatch’ is a peachy-orange color.

This is not my first time trying out Velvet Vanity. I have tried one of their shades before, in code ‘Shook’. To be very honest, their liquid lipstick is a bit ‘too liquid’. But that is not a problem to me.

Me, myself do not like some thick formula on my lips. I would rather have thin-feels on my lips.

                                Wearing ‘Baewatch’

Shockingly Velvet Vanity’s liquid matte lipstick are not sticky and smudge at all. It does not make my lips chapped too! I am saying this because there are a few local lip products that make my lips dry and chapped, even though I have primed my lips with primer. Just look at my attached picture above!

I also love the smell of their liquid matte lipsticks. It has like a chocolate kind of scent. I don’t know but it smells so nice!

So if you are looking for local liquid matte lipsticks, I would suggest Velvet Vanity.

Their liquid matte lipsticks are retail for RM49/each. That is affordable enough with pretty amazing formula.

You can get them at :

Instagram : @shopvelvetvanity

                                                      Neesa & Lady Boss of Velvet Vanity, Adlina 🙂


my crazy ass talented friends, Hammada & Neesa!


25 thoughts on “Velvet Vanity – The Golden Hour Collection”

  1. wow didn’t know for this brand, thanks for sharing I like the shade that you are wearing. I also like beauty products, glad to see the shades here now I know which to get!

  2. Nice color..seriously tak tahu nak talk about cosmetic items suka tengok color output dr brand ni. Yang penting ada approval KKM, 100% vegan dan selamat untuk digunakan

  3. Cantiknya colour lipstik dia <3 <3.. I suka kaler-kaler nude macam ni sebab tak terlalu menyerlah. Tq for your suggestion.. Velvet Vanity memang very nice product

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