Hello and hi everyone! Miss me? Hehe. I am so sorry for being ‘MIA’ this few months, and I am back with a new style of blog!

Plus I have some issues on my previous feature post, because my host and storage just crashed. I seems can’t retrieve them back! 🙁 So sad, if you were looking for it, I am really sorry. Trying to work on more contents, hopefully. If ya’ll have suggestions or any collaborations on my blog, just buzz my email 🙂 I am open to any collaborations or sponsorship.

Okay, enough with the sad story of my blog.

Raya is here everyone! In conjunction of the Syawal month, I wanna ask for forgiveness to everyone of you, if I have ever do any wrongdoings, by actions, or verbal or anything la. I really apologize for everything, hopefully 0-0 okay?

So how was everyone’s raya so far? Mine, well at least I still received duit raya! You know being 21 ain’t easy, and this muka tak malu still received duit raya from mom, siblings, uncles and aunties

Plus, it is my 10th year raya without my dad. To be honest, I really miss him and every bits of my memory with him. But its okay, he’s in a better place now, insyaAllah.

Since my dad passed away, my family and I just #teamrayaKL every year because my mom is originally from Selangor and everyone from mom’s side is in KL. So no lagu ‘Balik Kampung’ for me. Joking, I still do sing lagu ‘Balik Kampung’, that’s the most evergreen raya song kan! Its the most hyped and happy song for raya, especially bila nak balik kampung.

So my first raya morning, as usual, we went for Solat Raya (in KL basically, duh), then came home to eat all the raya food! Favorite of all time is my mom’s chicken rendang with ketupat. Well to add up, I like kuah kacang too, but this year, mom tak buat, sad sobs. At least, I have my other two sisters with us this year, cause its their ‘turn’ pula this year.

Really, ya’ll have ‘turns’ to which to go back? That’s just funny I think. Haha. Raya KL ain’t that boring tau, its been few years dah we raya KL. Jalan tak jam, mall tak ramai orang, movies pun macam panggung sendiri! So ya’ll have clues tak apa usually #teamrayaKL buat dkt KL? Hahaha.


But this time around, after Friday prayers first raya tu, we went back to Batu Pahat, my second sister’s place. She can’t go back to KL this year (even though its her ‘turn’ this year, hahaha) due to some problems, so we decided to go down to Johor. It is fun la juga, going all around Batu Pahat, and I visited some friends who lives there and more duit raya! 🙂

So here some photos my sister took  for my #OOTDRaya2018. My family and I had color coordinated, even though we didn’t plan. Baby pink clans, where you at? Hopefully to see ya’ll reading my blog continuously, till next time! x








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