Day 3

Its my last day and last day for KLFW 2017. I attended two shows, which at 12pm and 5pm show. Since I have banyak masa during the gap between 12pm and 5pm show, so I decided to changed my outfit for the 5pm show. Basically, I ada two outfits on that day. It was so hectic to change your outfit, especially when you do not have proper place to change your outfit, but luckily I have a friend working at Fashionvalet Pavilion and she said I can change my outfit there.

Yes thank Lord! So my first outfit was a little bit extra with prints and a quirky blinking handbag. For my top, I wear a floral printed in cream, with blue-ish and reddish leafy prints. Its not actually floral, but leafy, dedaun cinta like that. On top of that, I put on my blue denim jacket, to look a bit more fierced. My inner shirt was actually a bit baggy for me but then it looks decent when I put on the blue denim jacket.

For my bottom, I decided to wear a skinny jeans in black. If you are an average or bigger sized guy, that does not have muscular legs, skinny jeans are perfect for you. It just not make your legs look skinny, but it can boost up the shape of your muscle. A quirky diamond holographic handbag is my choice for the outfit to look more funky and ‘youthful’.

My second outfit is a bit casual I would say. It’s a red full-floral shirt on top, and dark blue slacks for the bottom. I paired with my briefcase bag, a brown one also, for the whole outfit.

I used the same shades and shoes for the three days event. My shoes was bought from Tomaz Shoes, and its a boat shoes. Boat shoes really can fit in any events and any attire. They are very comfy and very easy to match with your clothes.

Unlike a loafer shoes, they are more formal, so you gotta be picky on what to wear to match it with your loafer, unless you go with a casual loafer than its fine.

As you can see, my outfits throughout the fashion week were pretty simple and minimal. You do not have to buy expensive things or branded clothes to mix and match your outfit. As long as it is decent and comfortable for you, and you confidently rock the outfit, you will be freaking good.

My tips is that you have to be you, and be bold.

If you are on budget, mix and match everything from your wardrobe, don’t spend thousands on a day outfit, you know what I mean? Spending on something that you will be wearing just once, its going to be a waste. Note that!

How to mix and match? Do not just simple, mix and match macam tu je, wear it, and ask for people’s opinion. For example opinions from your best friends, girl/boyfriend, and family. Take their opinions and try start mix and match relate to events you are going. That is what I do, whenever I feel messed up to choose an outfit, I will ask around and start a ‘tornado phase’ for my wardrobe.

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