Day 2

On my second day at KLFW, I was attending the night shows, 8pm show to be exact. I try to be as minimal as I can, also on that day, so I paired a green patched-over-sized outerwear with a white inner and my favourite slacks in dark blue from H&M. The reasons why I am being minimal on that day is that because I am attending the evening show, so I try to keep it simple, casual and decent for the show.

Minimal for me is that you do not put so much prints or accessories for your outfit. Macam simple and cool like that. The patched on the outerwear is not that much, and crowded so do my inner because the patched looks like batik prints a bit. For me, the patched-over-sized outerwear is actually a good idea for a minimal concept with a plain white inner inside.

I add a brown rectangular clutch, from Charles & Keith to compliment the whole look on that day. I was actually inspired by the brand Anaabu. They are a great brand for you to look up to, whenever you want an inspiration on how to being minimal. Apart from attending the fashion show, I met few great make-up artists in the industry, who actually won the Tune Talk Neon Makeup Challenge, and won passes to Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week. Its Ahma Dhani, Neb Radzif & Hammada, they are all my friends who are just talented and skilful! Ahma Dhani & Neb Radzif were the top 3 winners and Hammada won the consolation prizes. Ahma Dhani is the one that I always look up to when I first get into make-up. Alongside Ahma Dhani, Neb Radzif and Hammada, they are skilful special effects makeup artist yet they still can pull of a gorgeous beauty make-up. Kalau tak, takkan they won the challenge kan?

As I am attending the 8pm show that showcased designer like Sazzy Falak, I had an opportunity to meet her after the show and congratulates her on her new collection. If you missed out my previous post on my first Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week ever, do check my post here. There are few celebrities and fashion stylist spotted right after the show such as Diana Danielle, Noryn Aziz, Mr Stailista(Ayie) & Hannah Tan. Diana Danielle & Noryn Aziz was wearing Melinda Looi that night, they were both gorgeous in the outfit (as in photo). Ayie told us that he styled Noryn Aziz with edgy and lady-like look for Noryn Aziz which was differently from what he usually do for Noryn. Ayie was wearing accessories from Melinda Looi too, to support Melinda Looi that night, right after the 8pm show.

As for my day three outfit, I am going to share with you guys and its going to be the last part of my experience being at KLFW 2017. Stay tuned 🙂

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