Hey guys! Awhile ago I received these two cute products from Nion Beauty Malaysia. I think I received it in somewhere in August which I cannot remember exactly when, but around that time.

Just a quick fun facts about Nion Beauty Malaysia. Nion Beauty Malaysia providing skin care cleansing device, which based in USA but now they are having it here in Malaysia. Their skin care cleansing machine have 3 major components that make their machine different from others that are in market.

Firstly,  it has the kinetic skin cleansing which uses vibration energy to break and remove away impurities on your skin. It also has the magic behind of all the cleansing machine which is negative ions. Based on studies, negative ions have the feeling good elements and also helping to boost your mood, reduce stress, and promote better health.

Next, Nion Beauty cleansing machine has the S-Ion properties that works like tiny magnets! The S-Ion will attached to positive charged environmental toxins on the skin. Basically it will remove all dirt and impurities through the S-Ion properties!

Then, the silicone brush! Silicone is better than rubber. It also gentle on our skin and does not caused break outs (well for me at least!). Their silicone is easy to wash too, so it is very hygienic.

So basically, I have try out this cleansing from Nion Beauty for about a month, or month plus. They sent me two of their cleansing machine, the Nion Beauty Opus Express and Nion Beauty Opus 2Go.

Nion Beauty Opus Express

Since I received the package, I started using the machine all day every day – day and night to cleanse my face. Firstly, I love that it has 3-speed features, from the strongest – medium – lowest vibration.

As this is my first ever cleansing machine, I found that this is really helpful in my skincare routine. I never felt so clean when cleansing my face, but with this machine, it helps a lot in removing impurities and dirts on my skin.

Also the silicone brush is very gentle to skin. When I used this cleansing machine, I feel the differences without using it. To be honest, I have problems with enlarge pores. But this machine helps me to overcome with the problems. My pores are less visible when I started this Nion Beauty Express cleansing machine.

Another features I like about this machine is that it uses batteries and you do not need to charge them frequently. I find it very helpful because I have the tendency to leave something without recharge them back. So using batteries especially rechargeable batteries could last longer than the electric charge (you get me right? hahaha).

The physical size of Nion Beauty Express machine also not too big and just nice to placed it in your bathroom. Did I mentioned, that this machine is safe to be use in your bathroom? Yes it is!

However, I just have a disappointment on this machine. I wish that the silicone brush could circulate automatically and it will be a fantastic machine.



As for this Opus2Go, I do not know if it is really convenient for people to have it. Except for those who is always travel, the trio of Opus2Go is going to be very helpful for traveling.

I find it very cute, tiny and easy to bring for travel. However, I find it is not really convenient to me as I do not always travel. Plus the battery is like a one time used. Meaning, once the battery is drain, it is not rechargeable. Basically it is one time used only. For this Opus2Go, I gave it to my mom to use and try it out. Hence, after 3 weeks of using it the battery is draining and cannot function as it it.


Basically that it is for my thoughts about this cleansing machine! Overall, I could give 4.5 out 5 points. The price is quite affordable for its quality, worth the money even though I get it for free from Nion Beauty Malaysia via Butterfly Project Malaysia.

You can get this product at their official website store, Watsons, Lazada, Astro Go Shop, and Zalora! (Click on it and it will direct you to the purchasing platforms)

For the Nion Beauty Express retails at RM187.90 and Opus2GO at RM140.90 for three!

Official Store

Selected physical stores (IOI City Mall, MyTown, Pavillion KL, Suria KLCC, Ampang Point,

Sunway Pyramid, Aeon Kepong & Cheras Selatan, One Utama Shopping Centre,
Penang Gurney Plaza, Queensbay Mall and few more stores!)
Purchase online at  https://goo.gl/3Gcm4Q
So if you purchase it, do not forget to tag me and Nion Beauty Malaysia! I would love to hear what you think of the products. Till next time, xo 🙂

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