Yes, my April month has been very occupied. But, on the 1st of April, I got an opportunity to attend one unicorn birthday party for Butterfly Project Malaysia. Phew, its so hard for me to find suitable outfit for this unicorn theme. But I managed to find something with a little bit unicorn, but not too extra. I’ll share the deets and outfit below!

Ya’ll, don’t know how hard for me on the day, because I have some issues with my car, and other many circumstances which I can’t avoid. The party starts at 3pm and expected to end at 5pm. Due to the circumstances I faced, I didn’t manage to come on time, which I arrived nearly 5pm when the party is almost end. Sad, but it’s okay, I’m glad I’m there! Luckily, I have a friend of mine, who would go with me to the party at Wondermilk, Damansara.

So once I was there, I saw many beautiful and unique unicorn creatures at the party! Ya’ll not gonna believe me, but I think I am the most ‘potato’ unicorn there. All of those unique unicorn are part of the community of Butterfly Project. I am impressed and amazed by their friendly-ness.

This community meant so much to me, as they help and support you to grow in the beauty industry! I am very happy I’ve got to meet, a lot of influential beauty gurus and bloggers. Plus, I made new friends and connections. That will be the best part whenever I went to events!

Even though I’m super late, but I didn’t miss any of activities from the party. Well, I do miss on the collecting points for winning the best dress, but its fine as long as I enjoyed being part of the party. Moving on to the party activities! This could be an inspiration for all of you,who would love to throw a unicorn birthday party. Since I’m late, I didn’t get to take many pictures from my camera. Though, pictures taken by photographers and other butterflies, I will credit them and don’t forget to follow them too!

1. Balloon Activity and Decorations by Brrrloon

by @sharon

Hello, balloons is the most important accessories for birthday party. If you don’t have balloons at your party, I will definitely not coming to it! Jk. Basically, Brrrloon, provide us with an auto inflate coloring balloon! Basically, they give you a flat shit of ‘paper’ (I thought so), where you can decorate it with you choice of color. After you finished decor your balloon, you have to hit the center and shake it. Then surprise! The balloon will grow without you blow it.

Besides that, Brrrloon also provide us with helium balloons like you can see from images below. Brrrloon definitely gonna fulfill all your balloons fantasy for your birthday, anniversary, or any kind of parties!

by @sharon

Address : Block Gurney, Unit G-1-2, Plaza Arkadia,
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Park City, 52200 KL

Contact : 018-2777130
Website: coming soon
Facebook :

2. Flowers Bar by Everyday Flowers

Flowers! I think it is rare to find flowers at a birthday party. But not at the #ButterflyTurns5 party. Everyday flowers have a mini booth at the party, where you can choose any of the fresh flowers and they will a cute and beautiful bouquet flower for you.

by @fishmeatdie

All flowers are all fresh with beautiful and soothing smell. It’s cute right? You could have this flowers bars by Everyday Flowers for your parties.

Facebook :

3. Boomerang PhotoBox by GNG Studiobooth

This is one of my favorite sport at the event, its the photo booth! Well, this one is not the normal photo booth. GNG Studiobooth provide you a boomerang photo box where we Butterflies get to try them first! As it is their new product. Like the Instagram features, where you can make on the spot live action video recording! How cool is that?

Apart from that, GNG Studiobooth also gives you multiple printed photos of you with a quirky and unicorn vibes of backdrop. The printed photos are waterproof and anti-finger print. So it won’t fades or disappear after 100 years or more!

Website :
Facebook :


4. Adopt a Unicorn !

Yes, you can adopt a unicorn at #ButterflyTurns5 party! Well it is not the real unicorn, but a quirky mug unicorn from 50 Gram Malaysia. You can adopt one unicorn mugh, where you can name it and receive a ‘birth certificate’ for your unicorn!

So cool! When I was first at the adoption counter, I was confused and how is this works because I never experienced such ‘adoption’ moment.

Get your unicorn mug here :


5. Decor your event with cool decorations!

#Butterflyturns5 decorations was lit and dope. All decorations bring up the unicorn vibes. From balloons, to booth decor, to food! Everything is just color coordinate to unicorn color!



Last but not least, don’t make your guest leave the room without goodies! Especially when you are having a theme event like unicorn, you’re gonna have them some quirky and ‘delicious’ goodies. This time around Butterfly Project give us a cute unicorn bag. There are a lot in the unicorn bag, items been sponsored by big brands such as Belif Malaysia, NYX Professional Makeup Malaysia, Koji Dolly-Wink’s Eyelashes, Wanderlust Things, and Dear Beaute!

by @Sharon

And yeah! That is all from me. Thank you everyone who tuned in to my blog and spend some precious time to read everything 🙂 till next time, xo!



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