I love to exfoliate my skin, be it face or body scrub. In my opinion, exfoliating your skin really get rid of the dead cells and gives a new layer of your skin. Scrubbing would give smoother surface to your skin. But the types of scrub you choose really gives an important role to your routine. There are two types of exfoliators (which I’ve known so far), the physical exfoliator and chemical exfoliator.

As you guys can see from the title itself, I am going to share my scrub experience with St Ives and it falls under the physical exfoliator. The first exfoliator products I bought was St Ives and I keep repurchasing it since then.

St Ives has many range of scrubs that you can choose according to what kind of effect or skin type you want after the exfoliation process. Well to me, St Ives is really accessible at any drugstore around Malaysia. That is one of the reasons why I started to buy scrubs from St Ives.

First and my most favorite, girl it is obviously going to be St Ives Green Tea Scrub. This is my HOLY-GRAIL scrub out of four in my collection. This green tea scrub helps you reducing the blackheads and soothe out irritation caused by acne! My personal experience, this green tea scrub really helps me in fading out my acne scars. But it is not a one night change that you could see. You have to use this scrub consistently to see the scars fading! The texture of this scrub is superfine if I could describe. So it is not too hard when you are exfoliating your skin! The smell from the green tea itself is not too strong, which is good.



Moving on, my second new favorite, the St Ives Oatmeal scrub + mask. Alright, to be honest with ya’ll I just bought this like a week and half ago. I cannot say much about how this one have been doing on my skin, but girl, I am already loving it on my first try! I think I’ve used this once as scrub and once for mask + scrub. This oatmeal really giving you the 2-in-1 kinda effect to your face. Basically what its done is, it softens your skin and smoothens away the dryness on your skin. Well after using it a while now, I noticed the thing they have been claimed. It keeps the moist on my skin, it is not dry at all. As for the mask and scrub, I don’t really feel the mask feeling to be honest. As it mentioned, you have to leave it for 5-7 minutes, then gently massage with water. Well, the mask feeling ain’t there, but I love the process mask-to-scrub thing. But not really practical. The texture also superfine and very gentle to skin, can equate to the green tea scrub.


Next on is also a new scrub in my collection, the Coconut and Coffee scrub. So I received this Coconut and Coffee scrub from St Ives Malaysia via Nuffnang Malaysia two weeks ago (I guess, lol). Okay, what I gotta say about this one is, I freaking love the smell from the coconut and coffee itself. The smell is really calming and relaxing. It claims that this scrub deeply exfoliate and skin fresh – a glow finish. Yes, I agree on the glow effect finish right after using this. The ‘deeply exfoliate’ it doesn’t do much for my white and blackhead. As for the texture, to me it is a little bit rough and harsh-er compared to the green tea and oatmeal scrub. Maybe its due to the coconut and coffee bits. As you guys can see, the packaging on this tube is different compared to the other three I have in my collection. This is because the have new look for all their packaging and I think it looks more appealing and slick! But if you go and buy at drugstores, they might not have this new packagng as they are trying to sell the old packaging from their storage first. Maybe 2-3 weeks or a month later, you will get to see the new packaging at drugstores!


Last but not least, the most raved Apricot Scrub. This have been raving all over the internet and have been sold out everywhere, right ? (or I’m wrong?) This is my first ever tube scrub from St Ives and my second tube! So the texture of this scrub is rough and harsh as well, just like the coconut and coffee. I have been reading thread on twitter about the cons of using a harsh and rough bits of scrub to your skin. Basically, in my opinion, if it works for you, just use it. As from my side here, the apricot scrub didn’t act much on my skin. I have like biji-biji underneath my lips, so this one really works to remove it instantly!

As overall, I really love and liking all the St Ives scrub that I have in my collection. As far as I have been using them, they did not give any breakouts to my face. Also, As far as I am concern, the St Ives scrubs are all 100% nah-chu–ral and the scent from the product also seems natural and not too strong, which is good!




21 thoughts on “St Ives Scrub Collection”

  1. I believe in St Ives because i used it before. But now i changed to other product since my face got more wrinkles. Need to used anti-aging product nowadays 😀

  2. Love using scrub too! Even thou I didnt apply as many make up as I used to when I was working last time, but really hate to see clogged pores. Puas hati dapat keluarkan black/white head.

  3. Dulu pernah pakai Apricot Scrub ni. Ternyata dalam tu ada biji2 kecik2 untuk scrub wajah kita yang mungkin ada blackhead dan whitehead. Lepas cuti, muka akan rasa bersih dan licin.

  4. Menjaga penampilan supaya nampak sentiasa kemas dan di senangi orang memang bagus kerana tuntutan agama islam. Dapat pahala.

    Asalkan tak berlebihan dan menurut batas yang di gariskan agama islam.

  5. Nina pengguna tegar st. Ives. Dah funa lebih 15thn rasanya. Mrmula5 dulu guna scrub apricot tuk muka dan seluruh badan. Lately nina dah tukar yang green tea. Luv it

  6. Wah..u got full set of St Ives Scrubs. I used to have apricot scrub , and used it regularly,but it makes my skin dry and rough. So i stop using it.

  7. Never use the St.Ives product yet..baca drp ur experiences, macam best je produk ni..kena start belajar scrub muka gak la macam ni hehe

  8. I am currently using Apricot Scrub! I love it very much and am tempted to use it more than once a week. I know I shouldn’t but I like its smell and its after effect. Hehehe

  9. I like the smell of the scrub. And the texture not too rough and it clear off the dead skin. I can’t wait to try mine.

  10. Aliff, akak suka gila dengan jenama St Ives ni. Dulu akak fav clay mask packaging biru mereka. Lepas tu ada satu masa St Ives ni senyap dari production. Then dia aktif balik dengan produk baru. Hampa terus akak. Scrub mereka memang best. Dua kali seminggu je pakai eh. Hehehe. Kering kulit nanti.

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