As promised, here is my second part of KLFW2017.

Its my third day and the last day of KLFWRTW 2017. On the day 5 of KLFW I was there at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to witness two shows which is 12pm and 5pm shows.

12 pm shows showcased designers and brands like Nerd UnitMaatin ShakirLana Kuala LumpurAndy SulaimanYadotsa and my all the time favourite designer, Zakwan Anuar. Nerd Unit and Zakwan Anuar is the reason why am I at this show. Seriously, I have been a fan of Zakwan Anuar’s pieces for more than years now. This year, Zakwan Anuar came with a very sophisticated and warm designs, I would say. I do not know about you guys, but Zakwan Anuar’s collection are actually very ‘editorial’ for me yet you can definitely match it with your jeans, or their outerwear can even match your traditional jubah. Its very ready-to-go outfit that any guy would wear them anytime and anywhere. Nerd Unit, a brand that I do not have to introduce anymore that has it own style and designs. Nerd Unit was influenced by the military, and brought the simplicity and bold with everything. Yet it is so abang askar for Nerd Unit, you guys who loves soldiers printed out there, must have get at least their jacket and match it with an inner and you are ready to go! Alongside with that, Yadotsa and Andy Sulaiman elegancy piece also burning the runaway.

My last show for KLFW this year was the 5pm show that showcased designers like, WanpaSean & SheilaCosryPU3 and My Apparel Zoo. I was mesmerized by all designers mentioned, as they have showcased more unique and lovely designs, especially from Wanpa and Sean & Sheila. Sean & Sheila came out with the love-birdy collection, for me its old but gold, very casual and easy to match with anything. Yes, you can mix and match! Their collections are not much of printed, so you can spice up your outfit with something printed and bright, and you will be looking ‘bomb’. Floral and sparkle? Yes, that is what Wanpa has for us this year. I really love their floral flare skirt and floral suit, its very unique yet beautiful! The floral flare skirt can be worn in anything, a plain t-shirt(like how it has been showcased) or a plain jacket with a printed floral inner.

Yes, again this year, Cosry has never disappoint us with their piece as it is fantabulously beautiful and on-the-go collection! Eventhough its a little bit plain black and white, you can spice up with more accessories, and a bold color shoes.

I am truely happy to be at KLFWRTW 2017 and seeing all the collection, it mesmerised me everything! Last but not least, I am much obliged to Sean & Sheila, Jubahsouq, Andrews Models Malaysia, and KLFW for having me on the show. Thank you so much.

Hope to see Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week again next year!

(Pictures taken during runaways, all credited to my good & great friend @nurulhuda.zaki)

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