Its the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week and yes I was invited to Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week : Ready to Wear 2017. It was held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, on 16th to 20th September 2018. I was invited by brands such as Jubahsouq, Sean & Sheila and was invited as a blogger. I went for Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 the last day of KLFW 2017.

My Day 1

My first day on KLFW which their day 3 of show, I was attending for Jubahsouq

at 12pm show on Friday. Alongside Jubahsouq, there were also brands such as Youme & HunnyAria the LabelA-JaneQudyn and Sher Twenty3 showcasing their never-seen collection on runaway at 12pm shows. I was amazed with Jubahsouq’s RTW collection this year, they have put in the egyption elements in their collection. As for me, you can wear their collections to functions or even to celebrate Hari Raya Haji soon, because its simple yet detailed in the cuttings and detailings. Qudyn also catched my eyes with their Ready-to-Wear collection especially their Men’s piece. Qudyn came out with a fresh cowboy designs, I can say, that I can wear anywhere! Although, its a litle bit cowboy, you can rock the pants from the collection with a very cool printed shirt. Also on that day, Youme & Hunny showcased their RTW piece, that I must say, it is casual yet edgy, you can absolutely mix and match anything from your wardrobe, your old skinny jeans, baggy shirt, everything! I could not share much pictures to you guys as I enjoyed seeing and witnessing the collection and I forgot to snap photos  for you guys.

My Day 2

Its day 4 KLFW and yes, I was there to witness the 8pm show, by talented designers like Afiq MNadiamarniSyomirizwa Gupta and Sazzy Falak. Afiq M came first on the runaway showing us their edgy and very ‘lady-look’ collection. For me its a bit ‘formal’ for you girls out there to rock at any events.But if you are about to be glam-on-the-go to the office, you might get one of the pieces and if you were about to go hangout, just pull of the jacket and rock it with some accessories and you are good to go for a coffee with friends! Nadiamarni & Sazzy Falak came out with more casual and santai look. To be honest, I might get one if I am a girl, yes no joke. Sazzy  Falak especially, came out with a ‘velvety’ fabric that Sazzy claimed that is not a panas fabric.

So you can rock Sazzy Falak’s collection to anywhere especially in Malaysia’s hot tropical weather. Next, Syomirizwa Gupta was inspired by batik, and he has injected the modern kind of batik to this RTW collection. I love his men’s collection, its not really berat for you if you are about to go out with friends or family. A denim jacket on Syomirizwa Gupta’s collection? That is a yes! All I can say is that they all showcased a superbly beautiful collections. But my faves of all are Syomirizwa Gupta and Sazzy Falak!

That is it my first experience being at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017 (KLFW17), I will share more about being there on my part 2! Stay tuned 🙂

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