Its been a year since I started this blog. My first blog ever was about KLFW <3 Then something happened on this blog mid-2018, but here I am again! Will be doing what makes me happy.

Jubahsouq was my favorite and they never forget to invite me to any of their fashion shows. Also, Jubahsouq was my first designer who invited me to the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

This year, Jubahsouq did something like street wear style, but in modest way. I am not sure for how many times I have been writing for Jubahsouq and the key in every write up was ‘modest’.

For this time around, I can sense a little bit of ‘Mexico’ style has been injected into the collections. The way its done, how its accessorize to compliment the look, I can smell that!

Here what I meant by how Mexico style has been injected to the collection. The Sombrebro hat really remind me of Mexico-Spanish culture.

To mention also, choices of color are also very safe for this collections. However, it is still gorgeous and simple for all women out there. Be it, hijabis or non-hijab women.

From left, I really love the color combination and fabric type use in here. Looks very exclusive and edgy. But, not really sure what was the waist style for. Maybe its a concept? But after all, its beautiful.

Moving on, to the pinky and off-white top. I find it very formal, but, you can always mix and match for your bottom and put on accessories so that it won’t look very formal. Somehow it is a casual-formal look.

As for the men’s collection, Jubahsouq didn’t have much to offer. But the green one above, really catched my eyes. It feels a little bit arabic, like people from the badwi. Also, the clear jacket, its a concept somehow. I am not sure if I can take that as a whole outfit, but it really something and different.

As overall, Jubahsouq still make its aesthetic remained for every piece. Originality? Still there.

Congratulations Jubahsouq and team, and thank you for having me on the show. xoxo

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