Its the last day of KLFW and I was invited to watch the 5pm shows by my good friend from Laurastar Malaysia.

I accept the invitation ‘cuz I’ve been wanting to watch another good of friend mine, Tyra, which she’ll be hosting for the show! So glad I make it and she slayed it. For those in need a host or emcee for an event, hit her up and hire her!

For this shows, I am not very familiar with the designers except for Super Sunday and Justin Yap. Been knowing Super Sunday through their social media and been once to Justin Yap’s shows last year.

But I’d like to highlight one brand/designer by Laguna Sydney. The collection is called Folklore Neo-Gypsy.

From what I search about Folklore, it means something like being transmitted or passed through from generations to generations. Like cultures, we inherit certain cultures from generations to generations and passed through by our ancestors.

Meanwhile Neo-Gypsy means like a new or reform kind of gypsy (a nomad or free-spirited person).

So basically that is kinda portray what the collection looks like. When the first model came out on the runaway, I was fired up to look more from Laguna Sydney.

Let’s see what have gotten me the most.

I love the color mixing for all of three above. First, the flowy of long dress is stunning! I don’t know I just love flowy dress. It’s so elegant and gorgeous to me.

Moving on to the nude-white-yellow layered dress. I felt like it is urban and the cutting below just genius.

Then we have the western-asian kind of look. The hat is pretty cute – the kimono wrap top is a spectacular. I love floral printed so much (I guess) and it was matched with stripes pants. It has some part of ‘New York’ and some part of ‘Osaka’. If you get what I am trying to say here?

I could say the concept for three of all is wrap kimono. But not really a kimono. A wrap top. But its so edgy and straightforward.

Designs on fabrics also very nostalgic and retro which I like it very much.

Oh, they have some men’s too! Here is my most favorite two (not because the models are shirtless duhh!)

I love wearing kimono so much because it looks simple and effortless. Since Folklore Neo-Gypsy collection is out on Fashion Valet, I tried to look out for this two, but it seems not out on FV yet.

I wish they could release the men’s really soon or maybe I can purchase it personally via their Instagram. We’ll see!

The first one is a matching top and bottom, which I find very casual and simple. I love the second one the most – matching with the pants, to me it is so charming.

More of kimonos for the men’s. I find it very me when they came out to the runaway. Especially the third one! That is superbly done. Patterns on patterns, why not!

I am feeling Borneo for these two. Not sure but it is very Borneo and that peacock, girl they ain’t playing. Love it!

Laguna Sydney, you are my favorite now! I love every designs presented on the runaway. When I am writing this up, and about to choose which one I like the most, it is hard for me.

Even though, the designs look simple but it is stunning presented on the runaway that made me go ‘wow’.

And with that, congratulations Laguna Sydney! xo





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