If you have been following me on Instagram (@asyrfzainal) you might saw I went to Gaya Koleksi Raya 2018 last April. I know its like two months ago, but it is still season of Raya right?  I know even it is already Raya, maybe some or most of you guys don’t have your baju raya yet. Who knows with my little sharing here might help you in buying one! So, I went to Gaya Koleksi Raya 2018 to witness Jubahsouq 2018’s Raya collection.

What I really like about Jubahsouq is that they always bring up the modest style in each and every piece of their collection. Be it either men or women’s wear, the simplicity and modern design just own every piece from Jubahsouq. This year’s collection they have 17 collections for women, and 3 collections for men. That’s a lot just for Raya! I personally have been eyeing on few pieces from the men’s collection but haven’t got time to go and try out at the boutique, but what I can say is the runaway pieces shown during Gaya Koleksi Raya looking bomb.

Let’s jump to my most favorite pieces from Jubahsouq 2018 Raya Collection!

Nareesa Kurung

I love this one as it does not too heavy and looking very simple. Even though it do not have much details, the layers from the top just nice for Raya. Seriously, its simple but so cantik eh!

If you think its little too boring, you can spice up with more accessories. As you can see, the model is wearing necklace. Hence for you hijabi girls out there, your hijab definitely gonna be some printed or Swarovski shawl. It really gives beautiful aura for your ‘outfit of the day’ raya!


LaQueen Dress

Why not having a dress for Raya right? This one really simple as well. You not only can take this dress for Raya celebration, but to any functions and occasion. The ruffle effect from waist downwards really got me like “uhh la la I’m a sexy bxxxx”.

I mean the ruffle does not making you hard to move or walk. So It really gives a flowy and nice ruffle effect to your dress.

The olive green color also very rare to see nowadays. So I’m pretty sure not all of us are having this color for Raya 2018.

Irene Kurung

Another one ruffle kurung that I’d love so much. Irene Kurung have 5 colors for you girls out there! This one in ‘Creamy Nude’ if I’m not mistaken. I like this color so much as it gives really subtle and simple look for Raya.

Its like you can be the next ‘Perempuan Melayu Terakhir’ when you’re wearing this Irene Kurung. I just love the layers of ruffle. It is not to much and redundant with one another. Cantik kan?

You girls can spice up a little bit more with bomb earings and necklace, Meanwhile, for you hijabi girls, you can spice this look with minimal floral hijab in dusty peach or pastel-orange bold colors.

Chiara Dress

One more of my favorite, this Chiara Dress! I suka the lace effect on the waist. It could help you to hide all those lemang and rendang raya, I guess?

Plus, the material of this dress is an embroidery lace. Which won’t make you feel ‘panas’ for raya. Especially when you have 10 invitation of open houses kan?

This dress also claimed to be wudhu’ friendly. Which is so good?  I’ve always received complaints from my mom which modern kurung or modern dress don’t have the wudhu’ friendly features which makes so hard for them to take wudhu’ or ablution.

Baju Melayu Rayyan

Here comes my most favorite part! Of course, their men’s collection. This one is Baju Melayu Rayyan in ‘navy blue’ I guess?

Okay what I like about the baju melayu is obviously the modern feature that have been injected to the collection. I like the stripes design on this baju melayu. 

It gives you the swaggy effect on your traditional baju melayu.

Event though it has modern features, it does not run much from the traditional design. It still has the authentic baju melayu features on it. This one is in red. Smoking-hot red! Memang in love with this Baju Melayu Rayyan.


Out of over 15 collections from Jubahsouq Raya Collection 2018, these are my most favorite and why I like the collection which I could share with you guys. Pictures are taken by me during the fashion show.

If you wanted to see more of better pictures and collections, you can head on to


Instagram : @jubahsouq


Catch with you guys soon, take care! x

18 thoughts on “Jubahsouq Raya Collection 2018”

  1. Agreed. Membeli baju ni bukan di bulan before raya saje. Anytime. Moreover cantik2 design nyer. Terkini. Moden. Majlis rasmi boleh. Tak rasmi pon boleh, kan? Aida berkenan LaQueen Dress 🙂

  2. Jubahsouq dulu akak tengok mesti jubah aje. Sekarang dah macam-macam stail mereka sediakan. Hehe. Ruby sibuk cari baju utk suami dan dua anak lelaki. Punyalah susah sebab warna tak sedondon. Next year kena lebih awal mencari pakaian mereka. Tak suka last minute. Sekarang banyak pakej pakaian sedondon tak bleh add lg baju anak lelaki. Dia buat ibu, Ayah, anak lelaki dan anak perempuan. Huhu.

  3. Masa raya hari tu, memang nak beli satu koleksi dari Jubahsouq ni. Cantik sangat tapi husband tak berkenan..bila dia kata tak cantik, terus mood nak beli hilang. Tapi sampai sekarang still tengok baju tu nampak cantik lagi.

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