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Mask is definitely important in my skincare routine. Especially in getting the hydration to the skin.

Today I am going to share with you guys my current favorite bubble mask! You read it though, obviously, it is from B.Liv Malaysia. I received this mask from B.Liv through Butterfly Project MY, in early May I guess. But then, I only managed to try them out three weeks later, which in end of the month. It is due to my hectic schedule at college, final examinations and more circumstances coming all the way.

Basically I started using this around June. So I have been using this bubble mask approximately  1 and half month or almost two months now. I used this mask, once a week or if I rajin, twice a week. But with the smooth texture of the mask, I think you can used this mask up to 3-4 times a week because it is very gentle to skin. The texture is like thin and smooth on skin when you applied, before it turns into bubble. That’s the interesting part!

What is so good about this mask?

Ya’ll better fix your question back! It is extremely good. This 02 Bubble Bright mask is a go to mask for everyone because it takes only 5-10 minutes of your time. Seriously, this bubble mask won’t consume so much of your time. If you’re rushing to an occasion or an events, and you needed a hydration fix for your face, you can have this mask after your cleanser!

The texture of the mask before it turns to bubble!

There are three major ingredients in this bubble mask which the 02 bubble, rice powder and red soft beads. The 02 bubble obviously the main formula for this mask as it will turn your mask into bubbles! Apart from that, the 02 bubble helps to purify your skin from impurities, and clogged pores.

The red soft beads 🙂

From what I understand, pores can’t be ‘shut’, unless if you do some laser treatment to shut your pores. However, when your pores are clean, it will be less visible and it will make your face or make-up smoother. No more pores sebesar lubang jamban!

Then you have rice powder. This rice powder helps you to brighten up your dull skin and making it glow – moisturized. It is not to make your face fairer or something equivalent to that. It helps to make your skin tone even again. Especially you girls who wear hijabs, you definitely have ‘uneven’ skin tone due to your hijab which covered smalle space of your face kan? So this mask helps to make your skin even again, but its not a one night change. You have to use it consistently. Girl, if you want to have a good skin, effort is needed! 🙂

Last but not least, the soft red beads which will help you to exfoliate your skin. The soft red beads will melt away on your skin and making your skin smoother and softer again!

Basically that is what I felt about this O2 bubbly mask from B.Liv. It can be a go-to mask. Do not irritate your skin, and helps in giving instant glow to it.



22 thoughts on “B.Liv : O2 Bubbly Bright (Review)”

  1. got rice powder. sememangnya beras, air beras memang baik utk muka.
    jeragat. cerah. ni tips org tua2 kita dulu. so, bila bahan gini dimasukkan dlm produk, definitely akan jadi bagus 🙂
    byk yg review, bagusproduk ni.

  2. The best part of this mask, it does not contain so much scent. I don’t like product with so much scent..hahaha…It is quite satisfying to see the transformation from cream to bubble foam!

  3. Macam yes je mask ni, memang tengah usha produk-produk untuk muka ni,.. Sekarang ni pakai biasa punya je, cuma tulah, bnak cuba yang lain pulak… =D

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